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Hospital Bag Essentials, Simplified!

links below are where I got some of my essential items!

You must be feeling all of the feelings! If you’re getting that hospital bag packed, then that means baby must be around the corner! I am here to help you figure out what your Hospital Bag essentials are, and hopefully simplify somethings for you. There will be some links to the items I bought that I found 100% hospital bag necessary. Also, there will be some essentials for your support person to have with them. I gathered my hospital bag essentials based off what my mom friends found they needed, and what they definitely didn’t. Don’t forget this is my first time around the block too! So, don’t shoot the messenger!

  • going home outfit for baby! This can include a swaddle.
  • Button down Pj shirt or dress. Think easy access for nursing. No slip socks, and maternity bra/undies.
  • 10 foot phone charger
  • Shower sandals, and whatever you want as far as face wash, body wash, hair ties, any sort of make up, and toothbrush/paste.
  • THIS ONE IS SO SO IMPORTANT!!! Proof of covid vaccination

Want-A little something extra! A wooden plaque to write the babies name, weight, date of birth/time! Great for announcement pictures (:

Literally can’t leave with out- the carseat! The hospital will not let you leave with out one

Partners hospital bag essentials 

  • two clean shirts/ long sleeve (for a cold hospital)
  • pair of jeans/comfy shorts or sweats
  • socks/underwear
  • shower sandals
  • 10 ft phone charger
  • similar toilet trees (that I’m sure you will share)

Don’t need- diapers, formula, and basically anything for baby from home 

Don’t need- ANY feminine hygiene products for after labor, they will provide everything and more while you’re in the hospital! Try and even snag some extras for when you go home


It would also be a great idea to pack a bag of snacks! Something your partner can munch on and of course something for yourself. I hear a lot that while in labor, food is the last thing on your mind. But it doesn’t hurt to have some options for yourself! 

Lastly! I hope this simplified list of hospital bag essentials helps you figure out what you need and settles any nerves you have about that big day! I love that I have all these people around me guiding me through this new chapter in my life! I couldn’t be more grateful.