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About last nights hair style…

Let’s talk about last nights hair! Last night was mom and dads last time out before the baby arrives! So obviously that meant I just HAD to get extra cute and that meant a cool hair style. first, I want to say I don’t make these up myself. I do some what, but I take a little inspiration from something I’ve seen and then do what works for my hair type, and what the event is that I’m going to. We were going to a bar/restaurant for a birthday party. So I didn’t want to get too fancy but definitely wanted a little some some. (;  Lets break it down shall we… 

What you will need…

  • three hair ties
  • patients 
  • comb 
  • hair spray 

Products used..

  • Nutriplenish heat protectant 
  • Air Control hair spray

Pro tip!!

One last thing before you go! For my last night out hair style, I chose to smooth out my day two hair with the blow dryer. You can always curl to add more texture, or you can pull all your hair up and wear it in a ponytail, or bun! Your options are limitless! As always, don’t over think it!!