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How to get that classic look with 3 simple steps

Because the Holidays are just around the corner, I’m here to show you how to get that classic look with three simple steps! Some people may recognize this look, also known as finger waves. I love this style because it looks polished, chic and kind of hard to do. But little do you know, with my little “how to” it is extremely easy to achieve!

How to steps

•section off your hair into three to make life easier, starting at the bottom

•curl your hair in the SAME direction all around 

•once you’re finished, brush your hair starting from the bottom and work your way up

•add accessories, and hair spray

***Pro tip

Depending on what level of “classic” you are going for. Consider where you are parting your hair. If you are looking for maximum “classiness” try a far side part. An easy way to figure how far to go, aline your part with the tail end of your eye brow. And if you are looking for just a smidge of that classic look, off center is a safe bet. Well, I hope that these three simple steps helps you get that classic look!