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Postpartum at home Cooch Kit

The long awaited ultimate postpartum at home cooch kit. After some research, (and by research I mean talking to my mom friends/clients) I have narrowed it down to what seems to be the most important items for US after we give birth!

Fellow mamas have told me over and over again that whatever the hospital provides, you should try and snag more to take home. However, a lot of what they provide isn’t sold in stores or on amazon. Anyways, you should still have a “cooch kit” ready to go in your bathroom for your arrival back home. So lets get to it!

Postpartum at home Cooch kit must haves

  • Frida mom disposable underwear
  • Frida Mom peri bottle (REALLY NEED)
  • Frida Mom cooling ice pads
  • Regular large pads
  • Dermoplast burn and itch spray 
  • Tucks cooling pads
  • Reusable and disposable nursing pads
  • Earth mama nipple butter 


Because these Items aren’t necessarily cheap. One way you can go making your kit is by adding these items to your baby shower registry! The total cost of my “postpartum at home cooch kit” was around $100. Furthermore, I hope this helps you recover quick and a little less painless!