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New mom must haves for nursing your baby

Calling all first time mamas! Four new Mom must haves for nursing your baby I wished I knew about after having my first baby! All four of these items will make your breast feeding experience a whole lot more enjoyable, and will help your breast not feel like they’re going to explode! 

  1. Amorini Silver Nipple Shields
  2. Medela Cooling
  3. Heating pad (for the girls when your milk first comes in. You’ll be happy to have something soothing) 
  4. Haakaa breast pump (AMAZING for catching the excess milk from the breast you’re not using when feeding baby. Also a great way to give yourself a break and give baby a bottle!)

If you’re reading this you’re either feeling desperate to find something to help cool your nipples or you’re probably wondering “how am I going to nurse this baby with out wanting to die”. Dramatic? You tell me (LOL)! Well, for me if it wasn’t for the silver shields I think I would have called it quits on day 3/4. Your milk is coming in… slowly but surely. And if your baby is anything like mine, they’re probably starting to “cluster feed”. Your nipples have probably seen better days, but once I put those shields on. The blistering and dryness disappeared with in a day or two!

The Medela Cooling pads are also really great. I would say if your needing the “cooling” aspect then use these in place of the shield. You will not need to wear both. When I was at the hospital these are what the lactation nurse recommended for me… BUT, you check that price tag. They’re a little pricey for how long they last.. which isn’t long. which is why I definitely recommend this for the moments your Tatas are on FIRE!

Oh the beautiful heating pad. A true God send for when your baby decides to sleep their first 8 hours through the night. You wake up and you are FULL. The heating pad will relax that milk, and if you pump like I do on one of the breasts while baby eats on the other. This will help relieve any pain or discomfort, and you’ll be good as new in a few hours.

Last but not least, the Haakaa Pump! I truly LOVE this product. It is easy, portable, and best of all not intimidating to use. This pump literally just suctions to your breast (also great for giving your boobs a break from the sucking motion). I use this while baby is on the other side. The Haakaa will encourage milk productivity all while being on the more “holistic” side of things!

Nursing is not easy, especially in the beginning! But those are the four New mom must haves for nursing your baby that have made this new chapter in my life way more enjoyable!

Links below to my amazon New Mom must have list!