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Motherhood realizations

The question I was asked CONSTANTLY while I was pregnant was “are you nervous”, or “are you scared to be someones MOM?” And my answer was always “no, not really”… Because if you know me, I am a very nonchalant person. I don’t stress over small stuff, and I am pretty good about looking on the bright side of things. With that being said, since having our little girl I’ve had some motherhood realizations that I didn’t think id be having!

The first thing I’ve realized since entering the world of motherhood 6 week ago is… MAMA BEARING is a very real thing. A wild amount of protective I have become is quite a shock. Of course I knew I would want to protect my child once they arrived. But now instead of going to the nearest Target, I will travel an 10 miles to go to the “nicer” Target because who knows what could happen in that parking lot! That’s a small example, but I think you’re catching my drift. Not on my watch!

This realization may sound kind of silly, but for me it’s a big one. I would consider myself an extremely independent person. Traveling out of the country solo, and doing things on my own is something I really enjoy. I know what you’re thinking… You thought you were going to be able to have alone time after having a baby? You fool! (HA HA). Not necessarily. More so in the sense of I can’t just take her with me when I want to go visit a friend out of state. Like hello, my husband may not want me traveling with our girl with out him! That request is extremely understandable if you ask me! So when I was pregnant, I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal, and now… I laugh at myself. 

Now those are very minor new mom realizations but hey, they still count! If you’re going to be a first time mom soon or even just thinking about it. My unsolicited advice is, people have been having children since forever. If they were able to do it hundreds of years ago, with little knowledge or technology then you are more than capable!! We got this Mamas!

our out of state friend (:

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