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10 minute Bohemian style

I pinky promise that this “Bohemian” hair style only will take you 10 minutes!

Things you will need to create this look are

  • six hair ties (maybe more if your hair is longer then mine)
  • patience (; 
  • curling iron or hair straightner (will post some links of recommended tools below) 
  • hair spray or a texture spray 

How to get this look in 10 minutes or less!

  • First, grab a one inch section and tie your hair 
  • Then, with that one inch pony. Split it in two at the base. Flip the pony UP, and pull to tighten 
  • Now that you have your first section complete, you will do the exact same thing BUT you will now include the tail of the previous section. 
  • Don’t forget to pinch and pull to create a more lived in look 
  • Last but not least! Do not grab that one inch section from the base like you have done already. All you want to do is use the “tail” from the previous section and continue on as done previously. 

To really get that Boho look, you can lightly curl your hair and finish it off with some hair spray, texture spray OR even a sea salt spray! And if you’re someone with some natural texture or even a light wave done even bother with the hot tools!! This style is meant to look lived in and effortless! Rock what you got. So there you have it! Now you can boho it up all with in 10 minutes and you will be getting “OoOs and Aws” all day long!