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How to get that classic look with 3 simple steps

Because the Holidays are just around the corner, I’m here to show you how to get that classic look with three simple steps! Some people may recognize this look, also known as finger waves. I love this style because it looks polished, chic and kind of hard to do. But little do you know, with my little “how to” it is extremely easy to achieve!

How to steps

•section off your hair into three to make life easier, starting at the bottom

•curl your hair in the SAME direction all around 

•once you’re finished, brush your hair starting from the bottom and work your way up

•add accessories, and hair spray

***Pro tip

Depending on what level of “classic” you are going for. Consider where you are parting your hair. If you are looking for maximum “classiness” try a far side part. An easy way to figure how far to go, aline your part with the tail end of your eye brow. And if you are looking for just a smidge of that classic look, off center is a safe bet. Well, I hope that these three simple steps helps you get that classic look!


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Motherhood realizations

The question I was asked CONSTANTLY while I was pregnant was “are you nervous”, or “are you scared to be someones MOM?” And my answer was always “no, not really”… Because if you know me, I am a very nonchalant person. I don’t stress over small stuff, and I am pretty good about looking on the bright side of things. With that being said, since having our little girl I’ve had some motherhood realizations that I didn’t think id be having!

The first thing I’ve realized since entering the world of motherhood 6 week ago is… MAMA BEARING is a very real thing. A wild amount of protective I have become is quite a shock. Of course I knew I would want to protect my child once they arrived. But now instead of going to the nearest Target, I will travel an 10 miles to go to the “nicer” Target because who knows what could happen in that parking lot! That’s a small example, but I think you’re catching my drift. Not on my watch!

This realization may sound kind of silly, but for me it’s a big one. I would consider myself an extremely independent person. Traveling out of the country solo, and doing things on my own is something I really enjoy. I know what you’re thinking… You thought you were going to be able to have alone time after having a baby? You fool! (HA HA). Not necessarily. More so in the sense of I can’t just take her with me when I want to go visit a friend out of state. Like hello, my husband may not want me traveling with our girl with out him! That request is extremely understandable if you ask me! So when I was pregnant, I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal, and now… I laugh at myself. 

Now those are very minor new mom realizations but hey, they still count! If you’re going to be a first time mom soon or even just thinking about it. My unsolicited advice is, people have been having children since forever. If they were able to do it hundreds of years ago, with little knowledge or technology then you are more than capable!! We got this Mamas!

our out of state friend (:

resources if you’re having a hard time after having baby

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New mom must haves for nursing your baby

Calling all first time mamas! Four new Mom must haves for nursing your baby I wished I knew about after having my first baby! All four of these items will make your breast feeding experience a whole lot more enjoyable, and will help your breast not feel like they’re going to explode! 

  1. Amorini Silver Nipple Shields
  2. Medela Cooling
  3. Heating pad (for the girls when your milk first comes in. You’ll be happy to have something soothing) 
  4. Haakaa breast pump (AMAZING for catching the excess milk from the breast you’re not using when feeding baby. Also a great way to give yourself a break and give baby a bottle!)

If you’re reading this you’re either feeling desperate to find something to help cool your nipples or you’re probably wondering “how am I going to nurse this baby with out wanting to die”. Dramatic? You tell me (LOL)! Well, for me if it wasn’t for the silver shields I think I would have called it quits on day 3/4. Your milk is coming in… slowly but surely. And if your baby is anything like mine, they’re probably starting to “cluster feed”. Your nipples have probably seen better days, but once I put those shields on. The blistering and dryness disappeared with in a day or two!

The Medela Cooling pads are also really great. I would say if your needing the “cooling” aspect then use these in place of the shield. You will not need to wear both. When I was at the hospital these are what the lactation nurse recommended for me… BUT, you check that price tag. They’re a little pricey for how long they last.. which isn’t long. which is why I definitely recommend this for the moments your Tatas are on FIRE!

Oh the beautiful heating pad. A true God send for when your baby decides to sleep their first 8 hours through the night. You wake up and you are FULL. The heating pad will relax that milk, and if you pump like I do on one of the breasts while baby eats on the other. This will help relieve any pain or discomfort, and you’ll be good as new in a few hours.

Last but not least, the Haakaa Pump! I truly LOVE this product. It is easy, portable, and best of all not intimidating to use. This pump literally just suctions to your breast (also great for giving your boobs a break from the sucking motion). I use this while baby is on the other side. The Haakaa will encourage milk productivity all while being on the more “holistic” side of things!

Nursing is not easy, especially in the beginning! But those are the four New mom must haves for nursing your baby that have made this new chapter in my life way more enjoyable!

Links below to my amazon New Mom must have list!

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Postpartum at home Cooch Kit

The long awaited ultimate postpartum at home cooch kit. After some research, (and by research I mean talking to my mom friends/clients) I have narrowed it down to what seems to be the most important items for US after we give birth!

Fellow mamas have told me over and over again that whatever the hospital provides, you should try and snag more to take home. However, a lot of what they provide isn’t sold in stores or on amazon. Anyways, you should still have a “cooch kit” ready to go in your bathroom for your arrival back home. So lets get to it!

Postpartum at home Cooch kit must haves

  • Frida mom disposable underwear
  • Frida Mom peri bottle (REALLY NEED)
  • Frida Mom cooling ice pads
  • Regular large pads
  • Dermoplast burn and itch spray 
  • Tucks cooling pads
  • Reusable and disposable nursing pads
  • Earth mama nipple butter 


Because these Items aren’t necessarily cheap. One way you can go making your kit is by adding these items to your baby shower registry! The total cost of my “postpartum at home cooch kit” was around $100. Furthermore, I hope this helps you recover quick and a little less painless!


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Retro inspired hair style that you can do yourself!

This super cute retro inspired hair style that you can do yourself, takes not a lot of skill, mostly just patients! The 1960s have always been one of my favorite eras when it comes to fashion. If you love rocking a short hair style but are wanting something to spice it up a little bit maybe this is for you! While this gives me all the right 60s vibes, it’s not costume like! So you can go to work, remain professional, BUT you’ll have fun, retro hair while you’re there. Alright, let’s do this!

Pro Tip!

Before you begin, make sure the round brush you are using is meant for the length of hair you have. Your hair should be able to wrap around the brush one and a half times. If your hair can not, that means your brush is too large, and you should look into downsizing! Happy blow drying!

What products you’ll need for this 1960s retro inspired look

  • firm hold moose 
  • Texture spray 
  • hair spray 

Tools used 

  • Blow dryer
  • round brush 
  • velcro rollers

Product recommendations!

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Hospital Bag Essentials, Simplified!

links below are where I got some of my essential items!

You must be feeling all of the feelings! If you’re getting that hospital bag packed, then that means baby must be around the corner! I am here to help you figure out what your Hospital Bag essentials are, and hopefully simplify somethings for you. There will be some links to the items I bought that I found 100% hospital bag necessary. Also, there will be some essentials for your support person to have with them. I gathered my hospital bag essentials based off what my mom friends found they needed, and what they definitely didn’t. Don’t forget this is my first time around the block too! So, don’t shoot the messenger!

  • going home outfit for baby! This can include a swaddle.
  • Button down Pj shirt or dress. Think easy access for nursing. No slip socks, and maternity bra/undies.
  • 10 foot phone charger
  • Shower sandals, and whatever you want as far as face wash, body wash, hair ties, any sort of make up, and toothbrush/paste.
  • THIS ONE IS SO SO IMPORTANT!!! Proof of covid vaccination

Want-A little something extra! A wooden plaque to write the babies name, weight, date of birth/time! Great for announcement pictures (:

Literally can’t leave with out- the carseat! The hospital will not let you leave with out one

Partners hospital bag essentials 

  • two clean shirts/ long sleeve (for a cold hospital)
  • pair of jeans/comfy shorts or sweats
  • socks/underwear
  • shower sandals
  • 10 ft phone charger
  • similar toilet trees (that I’m sure you will share)

Don’t need- diapers, formula, and basically anything for baby from home 

Don’t need- ANY feminine hygiene products for after labor, they will provide everything and more while you’re in the hospital! Try and even snag some extras for when you go home


It would also be a great idea to pack a bag of snacks! Something your partner can munch on and of course something for yourself. I hear a lot that while in labor, food is the last thing on your mind. But it doesn’t hurt to have some options for yourself! 

Lastly! I hope this simplified list of hospital bag essentials helps you figure out what you need and settles any nerves you have about that big day! I love that I have all these people around me guiding me through this new chapter in my life! I couldn’t be more grateful. 

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About last nights hair style…

Let’s talk about last nights hair! Last night was mom and dads last time out before the baby arrives! So obviously that meant I just HAD to get extra cute and that meant a cool hair style. first, I want to say I don’t make these up myself. I do some what, but I take a little inspiration from something I’ve seen and then do what works for my hair type, and what the event is that I’m going to. We were going to a bar/restaurant for a birthday party. So I didn’t want to get too fancy but definitely wanted a little some some. (;  Lets break it down shall we… 

What you will need…

  • three hair ties
  • patients 
  • comb 
  • hair spray 

Products used..

  • Nutriplenish heat protectant 
  • Air Control hair spray

Pro tip!!

One last thing before you go! For my last night out hair style, I chose to smooth out my day two hair with the blow dryer. You can always curl to add more texture, or you can pull all your hair up and wear it in a ponytail, or bun! Your options are limitless! As always, don’t over think it!! 

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Fall decor items you need for 2021

Home Goods finds are different based on location.. or trust me I would link all these finds from today!

Fall decor items you need to make 2021 feel a little less, blah… For lack of better words. This fall season I imagine another quiet, not so “normal” season. To help with that “blah” feeling, add some seasonal decor to your life/home! Whether it’s a simple candle to make your home feel cozy, or if going all out is more your style then by all means… DO IT! I personally try and stick to my home decor being more about the season rather then the holiday that comes with it. So, rarely do I put sculls out for Halloween or turkeys for Thanksgiving. BUT there are some exceptions when something in Home Goods just speaks to you! With that being said, here are some of my fall decor items for 2021 that are going to make me feel happy at home. 

  • Fun Fall or Halloween inspired pillow is must!
  • Table runner to add some spice to your kitchen 
  • A fall scented candle to warm your home
  • Garland to hang around a mirror or shelf
  • Stuffed, or glass pumpkins to add some FALLiday cheer 
  • And of course a cozy throw blanket to cuddle up with on the couch

Here are some more links to things I love!

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10 minute Bohemian style

I pinky promise that this “Bohemian” hair style only will take you 10 minutes!

Things you will need to create this look are

  • six hair ties (maybe more if your hair is longer then mine)
  • patience (; 
  • curling iron or hair straightner (will post some links of recommended tools below) 
  • hair spray or a texture spray 

How to get this look in 10 minutes or less!

  • First, grab a one inch section and tie your hair 
  • Then, with that one inch pony. Split it in two at the base. Flip the pony UP, and pull to tighten 
  • Now that you have your first section complete, you will do the exact same thing BUT you will now include the tail of the previous section. 
  • Don’t forget to pinch and pull to create a more lived in look 
  • Last but not least! Do not grab that one inch section from the base like you have done already. All you want to do is use the “tail” from the previous section and continue on as done previously. 

To really get that Boho look, you can lightly curl your hair and finish it off with some hair spray, texture spray OR even a sea salt spray! And if you’re someone with some natural texture or even a light wave done even bother with the hot tools!! This style is meant to look lived in and effortless! Rock what you got. So there you have it! Now you can boho it up all with in 10 minutes and you will be getting “OoOs and Aws” all day long!