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Fall decor items you need for 2021

Home Goods finds are different based on location.. or trust me I would link all these finds from today!

Fall decor items you need to make 2021 feel a little less, blah… For lack of better words. This fall season I imagine another quiet, not so “normal” season. To help with that “blah” feeling, add some seasonal decor to your life/home! Whether it’s a simple candle to make your home feel cozy, or if going all out is more your style then by all means… DO IT! I personally try and stick to my home decor being more about the season rather then the holiday that comes with it. So, rarely do I put sculls out for Halloween or turkeys for Thanksgiving. BUT there are some exceptions when something in Home Goods just speaks to you! With that being said, here are some of my fall decor items for 2021 that are going to make me feel happy at home. 

  • Fun Fall or Halloween inspired pillow is must!
  • Table runner to add some spice to your kitchen 
  • A fall scented candle to warm your home
  • Garland to hang around a mirror or shelf
  • Stuffed, or glass pumpkins to add some FALLiday cheer 
  • And of course a cozy throw blanket to cuddle up with on the couch

Here are some more links to things I love!