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5 ways to save on your babies nursery

  • Don’t be too proud to look for big ticket items that have already been used. We were able to save hundreds of dollars by taking a friends old crib on their hands. We also refurbished a dresser that had been in my family since the 60s! Fresh coat of paint can do wonders.
  • speaking of paint… Paint a wall! just one. If your a “renter” and are feeling like your babes room is looking “blah”. Painting one wall is an easy fix. You can paint it back when the time comes to move. It helps so much liven up any space!
  • Register for all the things. Don’t hold back. Your friends and family are so excited to welcome a new baby! Friends and family can go in on a gift together if it is on the pricer side! You might be surprised who decides to ball out on you. Just be uber grateful! 
  • Try your very hardest not to buy things for baby before your shower. This was huge for us! I didn’t buy a single thing until after the baby shower. I wasn’t sure what people would buy so I just held out. (It was hard at times, but VERY) worth it!
  • Keep the decor in the nursery minimal. You don’t need to have something on every wall. I recommend going to Michaels or Hobby Lobby. They had a ton of cute (and CHEAP) nursery decor items. I WAS SHOCKED.  

My nursery decor cost about $80 at all the end of the day. I am so grateful to have friends and family to shower our babe with everything else they will need come their arrival. creating a space I could enjoy with the baby was very important to me. If you have the means to be able to do this, I hope this helps you save a couple bucks! and if you are someone that can’t afford these THINGS, remember these are THINGS and they don’t matter.