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5 minute hair tutorial!

I’m not 100% sure what you would call this hair style, BUT what I do know is that it can elevate your everyday bun into something a little more fun and interesting! All you need to create this look are three hair ties, and two hair pins. You have the option to wear your front section (bang section) up or down based off your preference. Wear them sleek and straight or beach waved! Whatever you do, just rock the hell out of it and thank everyone for the complements you’re about to receive! 


  • Leave out bang section to either curl or straighten 
  • Take your first section and make a “fan bun” 
  • Pinch the crown of your hair to create a lived in look
  • Take your second section and do the same exact thing as you did to the first bun. 
  • THEN, use one Bobbi pin to flip up your bun to make sure there is no gapping 
  • Repeat again, for the third bun! 
  • Spray with hair spray to complete the look! I used Air Control Light hold from Aveda 

Suggested products & tools

Aveda Air Control light hold hair spray

Babyliss curling iron $49 (amazon)